A night out

I can't remember the last time Jeremiah and I went out but I'm sure it was probably sometime in March when our parents were here visiting.

Last night we actually got away on a date. For my birthday last month Jeremiah presented me with tickets to go see BYU Chamber Orchestra while they were on tour in Boston. So I've spent the last month looking forward to our date and last night was the big night.

Camille Butler was nice enough to come over and stay with the kids and we hit the road ready for a chance to actually talk uninterrupted while we drove into Boston.

It was a lovely evening with a chance to be sitting in a historic concert hall listening to amazing music performed by the Orchestra. I think we both got a little laugh with ourselves as we caught ourselves thinking how much the kids would have enjoyed it as well. Funny how we look forward so much to getting away but then spend our time thinking of our children.


Jeremiah R. Jones said...

What a coincidence--I went to that same concert with a hot babe!

angie said...

Sounds like a wonderful night out.......thank goodness for friends that will help you with the kids, and for a thoughtful hubby that planned the evening.

Jenn said...

Whoo hoo! Glad you two got a night out. Sounds like it was a great time!