Dear (Food) Diary - Day 1

I was in the library, or wherever it is that I sit and read, when I came across an interesting article in Time magazine. Basically, it said that those people who diet, exercise and keep a log of what they eat lose twice the weight of their counterparts that don't make a written account of what they eat.

This might be exactly what I need to keep me on track. I'm so close to my target weight that it hurts. I'm regularly riding my bike and participating in sports, but can't seem to quite keep my weight under the 200 lbs. mark that I've set. I'd actually like to keep track of both diet and exercise in my food diary, since the two work together to help regulate weight. Of course, anyone can write down what they eat--it's accountability that really motivates people (people like me) to change habits and improve their eating choices.

So, wanna see what I'm eating? (I'll try to stay away from the haggis and the like--I swear!) I'm starting today so that I don't have to admit sneaking a few spoonfuls of ice-cream right before bed last night. Oops.

Oh, and here's your invitation to show how gutsy you are by joining me by sharing your food diary: the gauntlet has officially been thrown down.


  • approx. 2 cups whole wheat couscous with soy milk, raisins, cinnamon, and sucralose
  • 1 tbsp baked beans (wouldn't all fit in my tupperware for lunch)
  • 8 oz. vegetable juice with dash hot sauce
Morning snack:
  • a delicious peach--mmmm... fuzzilicious
  • baked beans with fat-free hot dog
  • oriental veggies with Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray and Mrs. Dash
Afternoon snack(s):
  • apple
  • fat-free granola bar
  • 1.5 cups gazpacho
  • 2 cups pasta salad
  • 3 slices of low-fat ham lunch meat
Evening "snack":
  • diet root beer
  • 1 hour of volleyball in un-air conditioned gym


Bob said...

Yuck. I say you go back to eating good food and forget about the diet.

angie said...

I was wondering how a spoonful of baked beans made it onto your breakfast menu at first! :)

I read a similar article a few weeks ago and you summed it up really well......especially the accountability part.

I've been closely regulating what I eat since January and I've lost 25 lbs. I find that if I can't remember exactly what I ate all day, I've eaten too much, and I have a food routine that I stick to pretty religiously.

For breakfast I always have a protein shake. For lunch I almost always have an Eating Right Frozen meal which works for me b/c there is variety and I don't have to cook, and then I eat as sensibly at dinner as I can without feeling deprived.

I'm still working on that other part. What is it again? Exercise? Not doing so hot on that part.

angie said...

And, ha ha ha to Bob's comment. :)

Adam & Liz Family said...

Fat free hot dogs? I didn't know they existed. Adam and I will love you no matter what you eat. I don't think you really want to see what I have eaten lately. Go Jeremiah!