Parental Intervention Award

Trevor hatched a devious plan the other day to ride down the stairs in a laundry basket. I am hoping that he had not consulted with Anthony on the matter, as Anthony's similar attempt resulted in a rather forced acquaintance of Anthony's forehead with the far wall on the lower landing of our staircase. Yes, it's not like a stair sledder could open a door and shoot out into the yard--there are drywall, studs, a toolbox, and folding metal doors at the bottom of the stairs.

Tales of Anthony's attempt to become a stair master, which attempt was made some years ago now, have been passed on to the members of the Jones family by Mama Jones, Jr. (a.k.a. Tamara), who was fortunate enough to witness the lower half of Anthony's descent. Unfortunately, Tamara was also breastfeeding Natalie at that very moment, and was unable to intervene in the young buck's risky escapade. No doubt she quickly put Natalie down and soon was listening to two children cry.

Well, Tamara is not breastfeeding yet, though she is looking forward to recommencing soon, as she is more than seven months pregnant. Even so, as Trevor's laundry basket sled was teetering on the brink of a potential disastrous plunge, Tamara snatched him up and deposited him on safer ground.

Tamara, for successfully rescuing Trevor from his own misguided machinations, I nominate you for the Parental Intervention Award. Congratulations!


Tamara said...

Why does this kids always need rescuing?!? Sure hope he grows out of his stunts!

Cami said...

that is the second such rescue I've heard of in two days. Hooray for moms!

angie said...

Hear, hear. I second that nomination! Way to go, Tamara.