Our first family outing with Emersynne

One day before Emersynne hit the two week mark we found ourselves doing something we always try to avoid, taking our newborn baby out in public.

When Emersynne was one week old our friend Luci passed away, so Emersynne's first outing was attending a memorial service. We felt we needed to be there and as the arrangements began to be made we found ourselves involved in the service. I playing the piano/organ and Jeremiah and the children singing I Am A Child Of God.

Death is always hard to deal with and this was our children's first experience with someone they knew well and loved dying. With all the changes in our family lately and emotional stress we were worried about being involved in the service and trying to keep our emotions under control. It all went well and the children (and Jeremiah) sang beautifully and I was able to keep my eyes dry so I could see the music for all the songs. We jokingly talked about it later saying that it was all so strange and foreign to us that it made it easier to not be emotional. It was a Catholic service complete with communion and very different from anything we are used to.

Emersynne was a little angel and stayed asleep in her car seat. I kept praying that she would just sleep so we could keep her covered up and away from people. Word still got around that we had a two week old baby and several people asked if they could see the baby. Making sure we were keeping our distance we would lift the blanket and let them take a quick peek.

Emersynne survived the outing just fine as did the rest of us. Definitely something to make a note of in her baby book.


Jenn said...

Not a very fun first visit for baby! Glad she slept through all of it.

angie said...

Glad she didn't get sick......so sorry about your friend Luci. How special that you got to participate in the services for your friend.

Cami said...

I understand about trying to keep babies inside, but things happen. My sister got married--I had to take my 2-week-old across the country. There are just things you have to do sometimes.