So I'm finally getting around to posting pictures. These are all from the one week mark so I'm a little behind. Now that Emersynne is two weeks old I will need to take some more.

No matter how often we clip her nails she always manages to scratch herself.

This is the quilt Grandma Vicki made for Emersynne. I think Emersynne is trying to focus on all the colors!

Here is the proud quilt maker enjoying one last snuggle with Emersynne before leaving to go home.

It's nice to have a picture with the new baby outside of the hospital

I love how this picture shows off her dimple!

Laundry day!
Emersynne is already trying to be a laundry helper.
I think she just liked laying in all the warm clothes.

Hanging out with daddy.
She is so alert and wide eyed that sometimes it can look a little scary.


Kathryn said...

She is precious! What a beautiful baby.

Bob said...

Great pictures. What a cutie. When do we get to see her in person? There's got to be some ward function, complete with sniffling primary kids, that you can bring her to!

Laurie said...

she is so cute! It makes me wish our due date was closer. Congrats. She is beautiful and I am glad to hear you are all doing well and adjusting.

Jenn said...

What a cutie! I LOVE that quilt.

angie said...

She looks just like you, Tamara! Bet Jeremiah especially loves those dimples (you know since the love o' his life has passed them on).

She's really gorgeous and seems really advanced. Mothering the twins (they seemed like newborns for So long)sort of ruined me for being a good judge of when babies do things but I would have never guessed she was only 2 weeks old from those pictures.

Vicki said...
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Cami said...

What a cutie. You look great too Tamara!

Vicki said...

I need more pictures of Emersynne! She's probably changed so much that I wouldn't recognize her!