On Friday the kids were out of school so we took advantage of the beautiful fall weather to go walking on the West Boylston Rail Trail. The fall leaves were beautiful and the kids had a good time running around and trying to catch the falling leaves.

It was a little windy so we kept Emersynne tucked away in her stroller.
She didn't really like the bumpy ride but she tolerated it so we were able to stay out for quite awhile. We had some really tired children with tired legs and feet by the time we got home!

Everyone was fascinated with the big beautiful butterfly that decided to take a rest on Grandma Cindy's leg.


angie said...

Great shots. I still can't believe you have 6 children now. The fall colors look amazing.

Vicki said...

where were those gorgeous colors the fall we came to New England???
Love the photos! Miss you all.
Hugs and Kisses!