Saturday- Happy Birthday Michaela

Saturday was a big day at our house. Michaela turned eleven and Emersynne hit the one month mark. It was another beautiful fall day so we loaded up bikes and strollers and headed out to the Blackstone Valley Trail. Jeremiah was a trooper and rode his bike out there to meet us since we couldn't all fit in the van. That is the big disadvantage of having a large family and only one car. When family comes to visit it makes it very difficult to go anywhere all together.

The colors on the trees were so amazing and the warm weather made it so nice. In the seven years that we have lived in New England I think this is the most color I have seen. It really is amazing!

Michaela got to design and decorate her birthday cake. She had a little help from Grandma but wanted to do the rest herself. She was very excited with the end results.

The Eleven-year old and the one month old. Boy, there is nothing like having your oldest child turn eleven to make you feel old!

Since Jeremiah had meetings Saturday afternoon (stake conference) we spread out the birthday celebrations over two days. We had a birthday breakfast on Michaela's birthday and did her birthday dinner, presents, and cake and ice cream on Sunday. Michaela was fine with waiting another day to open her presents but the suspense was almost to much for the other kids. They couldn't wait for Michaela to open what they had bought for her. It was a very exciting weekend at our house!


angie said...

Happy Birthday Michaela. I can't believe she's 11. I somehow missed the braces, too. The girls are so cute.

Jenn said...

11! when did that happen! wait- I'll have an 11 year old next year-- great! Love the braces too, something we have to go get checked out as well! The joys of growing up! Happy Birthday Michaela!

Bob said...

Nice job on the cake Michaela!

Nadia said...

Happy belated Birthday, Michaela!!!! I can't beilive she is so big!!! She was just a baby... not too long ago, and look now she is making cakes ;-) It looks so yummy!