Monday the kids were home from school again and it was Grandma's last day with us. Another beautiful day and time spent outside. Unfortunately the need to get laundry done and the fact that we didn't have a car kept us close to home. The kids still managed to have fun playing at the playground and having fun with Grandma.

We tried to get Abigail in the picture with Grandma and the kids but she was so excited to be outside she didn't want to stand still long enough for a picture!

Anthony enjoying some snuggle time with Emersynne. She was being fussy but he sat and rocked her to sleep.

This is an outfit my Grandma (Nannie) sent for Emersynne. We just had to dress her up and pose her for pictures.

Sleeping babies always look so peaceful!


Jenn said...

That dress is sooo cute! What a sweet brother to help out with sis!

Jen Krey said...

She is beautiful! I LOVE BABIES!!!

Nadia said...

She is beautiful in the red dress ;-) and she looks so very pieceful. Does she go by Emersynne or there is a shorter name?

Tamara said...

We are pretty much just sticking with Emersynne. The kids want to call her Emmy and sometimes I call her Emers for fun.

Laurie said...

So sweet. I loved the picture of Anthony and Emmersynne.
Brooke also wanted me to tell you that She you baby is just a cutie.