Happy Birthday Natalie!

Out of all the children Natalie was the most excited for Thanksgiving. She wanted that day to come so her birthday could come.

It was a special day with everybody home from school and work. Natalie got special treatment with a birthday breakfast, no chores, and a birthday dinner. She got to pick out one present in the morning and open it up and was soon sharing her new polly pockets with Michaela as they sat on the floor playing. After dinner Natalie tackled the rest of her presents. Anthony gave her a package of punch balloons which Natalie opened up and gave one to each of the kids. She then shared the one for her with Abigail. It never stops amazing me how much of a sharer Natalie is.

She is a wonderful girl and brings so much joy to our home. I can't believe she is already seven years old.


Vicki said...

That's my girl!!!
Hugs,Gramma Vicki

Laurie said...

I can not believe she is 7! For some reason I was thinking whe was closer to Lily's age,Not Brooke's.
Glad to share the day through Pics. Happy Birthday Natalie!

Nadia said...

Happy belated Birthday, Natalie!!! So fun to see all the pictures and read a little story!