Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful day and some excited children we had here. Everyone had their own assignment to help out with food preparation. Trevor was excited to be involved with making the pumpkin pie. We even got a little creative!

Michaela made the mashed potatoes, Anthony did the stuffing, Natalie made the cranberry jello salad, and Jeremiah took care of the turkey and made some delicious gravy! The kids were all glad to be involved and excited to eat the yummy food. We did have a little trouble getting all the food on the table and of course my plate wasn't big enough!

We were joined by our neighbor Maura and our cousins Jessica, Caleb, and Thomas. It's nice to have some family around again and we hope to get together with them again soon.


Vicki said...

What a classic picture of Trevor.
You make a handsome pilgrim!
Gramma Vicki

Nadia said...

The kids are so grown up! They can help you to make a full dinner so very well. Trevor is so cute with a pumpkin pie!