Unamerican American of the Week

The (obviously) gay activist site gaywired.com recently ran an article featuring this photo of an LDS temple:

In essence, the author, Duane Wells, says that he finds himself "growing increasingly angry about this recent setback for the LGBT movement." Instead of pointing a finger at the inadequacy of the organizations that tried to defeat Prop 8, or seeing the bigger picture (i.e. there are lots of people who think that homosexuality is a sin and don't want marriage redefined by a bunch of people wanting to justify their sin), Mr. Wells vents his frustration by questioning the "authority" of members of the LDS church to express their beliefs on the subject of marriage. (For the record: I am a "card-carrying" member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

Thanks, Mr. Wells, for making it so plain that you do not understand the rights afforded to the citizens of this great nation. Let me remind you that standing for your beliefs and voting according to your conscience are my rights as much as they are yours.

For his article, Duane Wells and gaywired.com get are recipients of EBC's first "Unamerican American of the Week" award.

Get out the vote or get over it.

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