During our two day power outage Michaela discovered that the best way to stay warm was to sit and hold Emersynne. It was a win win situation since Emersynne was extra fussy those two days. It seems she could tell that things were stressful and not the way they normally are. Michaela sat and held her until she fell asleep.

Day two of no power our house was lots colder when we woke up and kept getting colder throughout the day. The kids all thought Emersynne looked so cute in her tomato hat (that's what they call it) so I had to take a few pictures.

Don't you just love that double chin?


Jenn said...

Who made the tomato hat? Super cute and yes, love the double chin!

Tamara said...

My sister-in-law Samantha made that hat for Natalie when she was a little baby. Now we have passed it onto Emersynne

Jeremiah R. Jones said...

I love that hat! Sam did such a great job on it.

Cami said...

Oh MAN, that's bad to have no power. I hope you warm up soon!