This morning we woke up to snow. Not very much but enough that the kids were begging to go outside. It was only soft for a little bit and soon had a coating of ice over the top. Now everything is icy and slippery and I am so thankful to have heat.

The kids shoveled our entire courtyard. Anthony and Natalie came in for a hot chocolate break but then went out to finish the job. They were trying to hurry because they wanted to have it all done before the bobcat came through to plow. They got it all done just as the bobcat was driving into our courtyard.

Abigail was loving the snow and even though her cheeks were bright red and her hands were freezing she didn't want to come in. We had to bribe her with hot chocolate and marshmallows!


Nadia said...

Why to have a bobcat ;-)? Those little kids make such a wonderful looking snow plowing team!!

Jenn said...

we had snow today! Didn't stick around at all though- no shovels here!