Christmas recap

Well, I never posted about our Christmas and thought I should get a few pictures up of our wonderful day.

It started with Christmas Eve with friends from the ward, the Green family and the Smith family. Rain ruined our plans of caroling (seems like the weather is always ruining things around here) but we still had a great time and ate some yummy food.

With thirteen children running around it was rather wild but we had plenty of children to fill the roles of the nativity. Well, I guess there were only eleven children running around since two were little babies.

It was a late night for us and we didn't get our children into bed until eleven 0' clock. Which of course meant that we were up a few more hours getting ready for Santa's visit.

We had a wonderful morning and the kids had a blast opening presents. It was so fun to see how excited they were to give out the presents they had bought for each other. It made the day so special to see that they were more excited to give than to receive.

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Vicki said...

Wow! Cute Christmas pj's on the kiddies! hee hee