Decisions decisions

This afternoon I found myself faced with a difficult decision. Emersynne was down for a nap and the other children were bundled up and heading outside to play in the snow. It was time to start making dinner but I decided to go outside and make a snowman with my children. The weather was relatively mild and Natalie and Abigail were great snowman helpers.

Later that evening Natalie said, " That was really fun. We should do it again sometime."

So, dinner was lots later than it should have been and the kids were not in bed when it was time for the babysitter to take over but we had a fun afternoon playing in the snow.


Vicki said...

The kids will remember the snowman you made together...not that dinner was late that night!
Love the photos!

Cami said...

Good choice. I like when I make those kind of choices.

Bob said...

I think I too often make the practical choice in a case like that. Nice job. :)