Fun with Grandma and Grandpa Jones

Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Wally were brave enough to come visit us during our bleak winter days. Our temperatures were some of the coldest we had seen here in several years but we had a good time and the kids loved all the spoiling that comes with having Grandma and Grandpa around.

Abigail quickly warmed up to "Gamma Vicki" and "Pawka" and loved the stories, games, and fun times.

Grandpa Wally got to meet Emersynne and she had lots of smiles for Grandma and Grandpa. Just not any smiles for the camera.

With the temperatures being so cold we did lots of inside games. Grandma bought a box of jacks and sat down to teach the kids the game of jacks. Anthony really got into the game and had fun playing with Grandma.

Grandma and Grandpa were troopers and braved the cold on several occasions to take the kids sledding. One afternoon we went out to find we had the slopes all to ourselves. Guess nobody was as crazy as us. It sure was fun though.

There is nothing like making cookies on a cold winter day. Abigail had a great time sitting up on the counter and sticking her fingers in everything. I think she discovered that the baking soda does not taste as good as the sugar.

Before heading out to school on Grandma and Grandpa's last day the kids said their goodbyes. When the kids got home from school Grandma and Grandpa were gone but Grandma had left love notes for each of them to find. I think that made the goodbyes a little easier.

The weather may have not cooperated but we had a great visit. Thanks you Mom and Dad for leaving your sunny California weather to come visit us during our harsh New England winter.


Vicki said...

We loved, loved being able to hug and kiss our wee ones! Even though it was COLD outside, we took home lots of warm memories of our week in Woosta!

Jenn said...

How fun to have the grandparents come!