Home is where the heart is

It is also where I had six kids running around because of another snow storm. This is getting to be a regular pattern around here. The kids have not had two full weeks of school in a row since the first week in December.

Anthony was excited to have a day at home. I told him to just remember this day when he was still in school all the way to the end of June.

Although it was a crazy day we did manage to get lots done. The kids got chores and piano done in the morning and Michaela made a cake while the other kids helped me make jello. Then it was outside playtime, (which didn't last very long because it was really cold and really snowing) lunchtime, and nap time/movie time.

The kids had a fun day but I'm sure they will be glad to be back at school tomorrow.

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Mark and Kiss said...

I love how organized you are Tamara!