Happy Birthday Anthony!

Before getting into bed last night Anthony said, "This was the best birthday ever!" So I guess it all was a success.

Anthony was so excited that the Blue and Gold Banquet was on his birthday and was excited with his special cake. We decided to go the easy route and ordered the cake at Sam's Club. It was really nice to have one less thing to worry about and Anthony was really happy with how the cake looked when we went to pick it up.

Of course, Anthony wanted the piece from the middle. He made a pretty good dent in that square of cake and then shared the rest with some friends.

Anthony is doing great in Cub Scouts and received 2 progress beads towards his Bear last night and 3 belt loops. Yesterday he made the comment that Cub Scouts was great and that he was so lucky because his dad was Cub Master. It was such a sweet thing to hear.

It's hard to believe that Anthony is already 9 years old. Where did the time go? He is such a sweet boy and I keep reminding myself that when he has his days where he goes out of his way to annoy his brother and sisters.

I love you Anthony! Keep up the good work!

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Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Anthony! Glad everyone survived the busy day!