The Dreaded week-Day 3

The Blue and Gold Banquet went really well last night but it was 10pm before we got the kids into bed. That made for a rough morning and we had to drag children out of bed at 7:15 to get them out the door on time. Everybody (mommy included) was moving in slow motion but the school kids all managed to get ready on time and ran out when the bus pulled up.

As soon as the school kids left I scrambled to finish getting myself and the little ones ready so we could take Jeremiah to work and go to our 9am appointment. Fortunately it was a quick appointment because Trevor and Abigail were both so tired (Emersynne slept the whole time in her car seat).

The rest of the day wasn't so bad and we were able to come home, have lunch, and take naps. Then the after school routine started up with homework, piano lessons, making dinner, and picking Jeremiah up from work. Then it was dinner, more homework, baths, and putting kids to bed.

My day is looking not bad at all tomorrow since I had to call and change Michaela's orthodontist appointment to another day. We found out today that tomorrow she is having state mandated testing and that's not such a good thing to miss! So no rushing out the door in the morning and only a meeting at 4pm for Michaela and myself to meet the Principal of Burncoat Middle School which is where she will be attending next year. Looks like I will be able to get caught up with the chores and maybe get some laundry out of the way! A little breather before the chaos that we have going on Friday and Saturday.

We didn't make it home in time for The Mentalist but it was a rerun so it all worked out!

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