The sixty-five dollar cake

I was going to title this post "The Forgotten Post" because I completely forgot to add this to the end of our dreaded week.

Along with Anthony's birthday, various doctors appointments, the Blue and Gold Banquet, and just life in general we also had the youth cake auction the first week in March. Although Michaela isn't officially a Young Women yet (six more months) she will be going to girls camp this summer and was invited to participate in the fund raiser. It was a Renaissance themed dinner/cake auction and each of the youth were supposed to make a cake to be auctioned. Michaela was coming up with some great ideas to make a castle cake but with all that we had going on that week I was able to talk her into something else. We decided on a chocolate cake made from scratch with chocolate frosting made from scratch. Michaela was really excited and made some white chocolate candy (shells) to go on the outside of the cake. It all smelled so good while we were making the cake and I knew what cake I wanted to bid on. Unfortunately for us the cake was out of our price range and sold for sixty-five dollars! I really wanted that cake but not that bad. As I am typing this my kitchen is filled with chocolate smells and the cake is almost ready to come out of the oven. Jeremiah requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for his birthday so it looks like I will get some cake after all!

Michaela and the $65 cake!



Jenn said...

wow that looks good!

Nadia said...

Yummy ;-) I wish I was there... I would bid $70 if i had them for a cake made from scratch!!! Way to go!