Yes we are all still alive here on the East Coast. Things have just been rather busy but busy in a good way. When things are crazy, busy, and stressful I make the time to post to keep my sanity. When things are busy but fun, I don't get to the computer to document our days. So now I will just have to back up and let you all know what we have been up to.

My mom was here for two weeks and we had a great time! Unfortunately for the kids they had extended school days the whole time she was here. That was the grand plan for making up our snow days. In addition to the seven days we get to make up at the end of the school year we have one more week of extended school days. Hopefully after that we won't need to take another snow day!

The kids were good sports and enjoyed having Grandma here to help with homework and of course I don't think any of the kids did their chores while Grandma was here either. I don't think I did any of my chores for that matter either. Somehow the chores magically got done but the magic only works when my mom is around.

We did lots of shopping and several of the kids are all set with summer clothes. I really enjoyed getting out of the house everyday. I don't often do that because it isn't worth it to drag the 3 little ones around especially when the weather is cold and yucky. I went out one morning to get my hair done and then took Michaela and Natalie another afternoon to get their hair cut. We are all very happy with our new hair!

We didn't do anything really exciting and mostly just tried to keep up with taking care of the family but it was so nice to have my Mom here to share all that with. We did lots of talking and planning for our summer trip to Utah and of course we took pictures. The pictures are now on the laptop so stay tuned for a look at our fun with Grandma.

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ALS said...

WE hope you come soon, we'd love to see you guys. Thank you for Henry's birthday card, you are so on top of things. Happy Birthday to Anthony. Love, the Sorensen's