Spring Break

This past week was our spring break and we seemed to find lots to do to keep busy. We didn't do anything really exciting but the kids enjoyed a few play dates with friends, went to Pump It Up and jumped around, colored eggs, and played outside lots.

The Christmas present Santa brought is finally getting some outside use!

It was nice to not have a strict schedule and have things be a little more laid back. The weather wasn't really spectacular and was cool and wet a few days, but it didn't snow and it wasn't freezing so I won't complain.

We finished up the week with the boys going on an overnight camping trip with some friends. The girls were upset about not going camping but I think Abigail was just upset that her daddy was leaving.

We had our own girl time and enjoyed some microwave s'mores, and watched a movie.

Here's the boys in the tent

Breakfast time!

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Jenn said...

how fun! i love it when the boys go camping