Doctors and Dentist

So I didn't plan it this way but somehow we ended up with two dentist appointments and two doctors appointments all on the same morning. It made for lots of running around but at least they are out of the way.

We left the house this morning at a little after seven this morning to get Michaela and Anthony to their seven-thirty dentist appointment. Natalie stayed home with Jeremiah who rode his bike to work after getting Natalie off on the bus.

Abigail, Trevor, and Emersynne did a great job while we waited for Michaela and Anthony and we got them to school only about ten minutes late and no cavities! Then it was back home for about 45 minutes before heading back out to the doctors for Abigail and Emersynne's check-ups. Poor Emersynne fell asleep five minutes before it was time to walk out the door. The mornings without naps sure our rough!

Both Abigail and Emersynne are healthy and doing great! I was a little surprised when they both got on the scale. Abigail is tall but is so skinny compared to what my other children have been at that age. Abigail weighs 31.7 pounds and Emersynne (who is really chubby!) weighs 21.7 pounds. It is so strange to think that my three year old weighs only ten pounds more than my nine month old.

Emersynne only had to get one shot this time but then we headed across the street to the hospital where both girls had to get some blood work done. After some tears from both of them, band- aids, stickers, and trying to keep Emersynne from eating her band- aid we were all done and headed home. Lunchtime and nap time and Emersynne slept all afternoon to make up for her busy morning!

Abigail loves to hold Emersynne on her lap. How long will that last I wonder? Somehow Emersynne managed to give herself a nasty scratch on her nose while she was sleeping. I just can't seem to keep her nails short enough.


Holly Thatcher said...

Wow! I don't know how you take care of 6 kids. You must have some amazing insurance to afford all that. Emma is 4 1/2 years older than Caleb and weighs only 10 pounds more.

Jenn said...

Abigail almost disappears behind her "little" sister!!

Julia said...

lol i hope poor eme slows her growing down soon!

Nadia said...

We love chubby babies!!! Sonia ate as much as Jeremy last summer and she wears the same clothes as she did last summer! i am sure Eme will slow down her eating.... she is such a good looking baby!