Nine Months old

Today Emersynne is nine months old. She celebrated this new milestone by waking up at 3:30am. Not fun! I finally gave up and fed her at 4:30am after she spent the last hour crying off and on. I was so sure she would then settle down and go back to sleep but she had other plans. She wasn't crying but she wasn't sleeping either. She was bouncing around in her crib and making all kinds of noises. I'm amazed she didn't wake up the other girls. Guess they are used to it.

I can't believe it has already been nine months since Emersynne has joined our family. She is such a sweetheart and learning all kinds of new stuff. She has mastered sitting but is still working on crawling. Even though she doesn't crawl she is definitely getting around. She rolls and reaches and pushes with her toes when she sees something she really wants to get. Nothing is safe around here anymore!

She has two teeth and loves eating cheerios. It seems that a meal isn't complete for her unless we put cheerios on her tray.



Jenn said...

It was almost like I was reading about Sydney--waking in the middle of the night, two teeth and cheerios! AND nothing is safe around here! She's a cutie!

Cami said...

Cute! 9 months already!

Nadia said...

what a big girl!!! Can't believe she is eating and bouncing around!!! Soon she will get into all kitchen cupboards ;-)

Vicki said...

That's not her LEFT hand Eme is using to pick up those cheerios, is it? Go, Eme! Some of the best folks I know are left-handed!haha

Julia said...

She's darling! Can't wait to see her again!