Grocery adventures, Picnic Lunch, and Games

I knew today was going to be a busy day and really wanted to get my work out in but also really really needed to get the grocery shopping done. I had pretty much decided to skip out on my workout so I could get the grocery shopping done before swim lessons when Jeremiah suggested that we ride our bikes to the grocery store and he could pull the bike trailer to put the groceries in.

I'm not sure if Jeremiah didn't think I would go for it but after a little thought I decided it was a good way to get both my workout and get the grocery shopping done. Besides, it is so convenient to have a built-in babysitter for close to home outings. So, off we went. We got our groceries home without any mishaps other than a squished cereal box. No broken eggs and no squished bread. It was such a beautiful morning that it was wonderful to be outside!

After swim lessons we packed a lunch and headed to the park for more outside time. The kids explored the gazebo, ran in the grass, and Abigail had fun blowing dandelions.

When the little ones decided it was nap time we headed home, put them to bed, and started a game of capture the flag in our back courtyard.

We spent the day enjoying the beautiful weather and playing outside which meant that after getting the kids bathed and into bed it was a mad rush to get things ready for church. It was worth it and I'm hoping we have lots more days like today before we hit the hot and humid weather of summer.

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Vicki said...

Loved this post! Carpe Diem!
Love and Hugs! Mom