Birthday Girl

Today is Abigail's birthday. She has been looking forward to this day since April. She noticed that everybody else in the family had a birthday but her so after the April birthdays were over she went around the house saying, "my birthday coming soon"

Well, it is finally here. She was one very excited little girl this morning to go downstairs and find her clown birthday cake sitting on the dining room table and balloons and streamers hanging on the walls.

After she had a chance to admire it and tell the kids not to touch her cake, we put it up out of reach for later.

We sat down at the table to have breakfast and after we had the blessing on the food Abigail said, "pease pass a cake." It took a little convincing to make her understand that the cake was for later but she finally settled for her yogurt and muffin.

So far she has enjoyed her day of being in the spotlight and her brothers and sisters have had fun treating her like a little princess.

Tonight after dinner she will open presents and the kids are so excited to see how she likes what they picked out for her.


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Abigail! What? no cake for breakfast!? Have fun tonight.

Cami said...

Cute cake! Very fun.