Abigail was so excited to open presents after dinner last night. I think she was most interested in tearing the paper off than actually figuring out what was inside the packages. She very carefully peeled off each section of paper and I was glad that there weren't very many presents or we would have been there all night!

As soon as she tore off a little corner of the present from Anthony she got really excited. Abigail loves Play Doh so Anthony got her the perfect gift.

Just this morning Trevor and Abigail sat down at the table and played with the play doh for one and a half hours. It was great to have them so occupied but not so great to clean up the mess after wards. Oh well. Guess you have to take the good along with the bad!

Natalie bought Abigail a pair of "happy socks" and Abigail immediately tore off the tags and put them on.

Michaela and Trevor put their money together and bought her some barbies. Notice the "happy socks" on Abigail's feet?

Abigail is now the proud owner of a pink and purple tricycle. Everytime we would go to the store and go past the bikes she would say, "There's my bike! I see my bike!"

Now it really is hers. As soon as she opened it up last night she wanted to go outside and ride her bike. It was dark so we told her it had to wait. Guess what she did first thing this morning, even before having breakfast? Yep! She took her bike outside and rode around. With a little more steering practice she will be all set. She is very happy to have a bike to ride when the other kids go outside to play!

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Vicki said...

I laughed when Abigail steered right into the bushes! That part will come too, Abigail! Love the videos, Tamara. Thanks for making it easier for us to "keep up with the Joneses!"