Friday and Saturday fun (last week)

Now that last weekend is a thing of the past I'm finally getting around to posting about our fun.

Friday the kids and I met some friends at Rutland State Park for a swim in the lake and a picnic lunch. Emersynne did very well considering I wouldn't let her down since she would eat the sand by the handful! No one got sunburned but we didn't escape the mosquitoes.

Abigail got sand in her mouth and kept coming to me with her tongue out so I could help her.

She wouldn't stay on this chair long. She wanted to eat the sand!

Trevor and Natalie had a great time digging in the sand.

I put Emersynne in the water thinking she would enjoy just sitting and splashing but she immediately found the sand and before I knew it she had several handfuls in her mouth.

Michaela and Anthony were there too but for some reason I didn't get pictures of them. Michaela had a lot of fun swimming in the lake and Anthony went off with the other boys his age to try to catch some fish. They didn't have any luck but they had fun so I guess that is what counts.

We had so much fun at the lake on friday that we decided to go again on saturday with Jeremiah. This time we loaded up the bikes and checked out some new trails around the lake. The kids were all good troopers since it was hot, humid, and the trails were rather rocky. It made for some bumpy rides. At the end of our ride we stopped at the lake to have a swim. It was a great way to cool off and end our little trip.

Enjoying our picnic lunch

Abigail really liked her after lunch treat!

Emersynne didn't like the bumpy trails but other than that she seemed to enjoy being in the bike trailer and she loved being in the water at the lake!

Can you see Natalie in the background of this picture? This was our first bike ride since she has started riding and she did a great job. There were a few hills that she had trouble getting up but she kept plugging along!

We did about five miles on our little ride and are looking forward to taking the bikes out again.

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Vicki said...

I love these photos, Tamara! This is what Summer is all about!