First Birthday

After spending the last two days on jury duty (see post below for more details) nothing was ready for Emersynne's birthday. Not that she would care or notice but her older siblings were rather upset that there were no presents for her to open. I got the school kids on the bus and then Abigail, Eme and I went to do some shopping. Abigail helped me pick out some things Eme needed ( shoes, socks, and a jacket) and then we picked out a few little toys. On the way home we stopped at McDonald's and got some fries and chicken nuggets. Abigail thought it was so exciting that I gave a french fry to Emersynne. Of course Emersynne really liked it but after two french fries I kept them out of her sight. I have probably created a monster.

First french fry

After dinner Jeremiah quickly got the cupcakes in the oven while I whipped up the frosting (i really only opened a can!) Emersynne was so tired but the other kids were so excited to have a little party. Of course Emersynne was more interested in the tissue paper than the presents but she seemed to have a good time. And of course she really LOVED her cupcake!

First cupcake


Vicki said...

SOOOOO cute! Yep! That's MY granddaughter! Hugs!

Julia said...

Happy Birthday Eme!

Nadia said...

Happy First Birthday!!!!! Tissue paper is the best at this time ;-) and I can't belive she is now a french fry eater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!