Sitting and more sitting!

Two days away from home has left me more than two days behind. Don't know really how that is possible but that's exactly what it feels like. It was a long two days away from home and away from my kids as well. I didn't even get to do anything fun and exciting. I just sat and sat and sat some more. I did learn that it was my privilege to be sitting but that didn't make it any easier.

Last September I got a jury summons. Since I was nine months pregnant I opted to go for the one time postponement of up to a year and rescheduled for September 2009. At the time that all seemed so far away and I was sure we would have moved out of the state and I would not have to deal with it at all. Not such luck for me. September 2009 came around and I wished I had gone to jury duty last year even though I was nine months pregnant. Somebody would have taken pity on me and sent me home right? Oh well we always seem to be able to make better decisions looking back.

It must have been my lucky day because I was selected to serve on a jury (first time for me) which required me to be away from home two days in a row. I'm just glad that was all it took even though it really could have been taken care of in one day. Everything just seemed to move in slow motion and the seven of us on the jury spent so much time sitting in a tiny room waiting to be needed.

It was not a fun experience. I missed my children terribly and had never been away from the baby that long before. I'm not used to sitting for hours on end. It was not pleasant to be forced to listen to things I really didn't want to hear about. The part I liked least of all was trying to figure out who was telling the truth when the defendant's story and the victim's story were so completely different.

But it's over and I try not to think about it anymore. I did learn a lot about the legal system and that part I found very interesting but the best part of all is that I won't be called to serve for another three years!

So now I get to try to get caught up from being gone two days. Wish me luck!


Cami said...

Crazy! I was on jury duty once. But the case was dismissed, so I didn't have to do much. That sounds lame. But hey, it's an experience, eh?

Julia said...

the only time i've been called to jury duty was when I was 8 months pregnant with Aaron, I sat all day waiting for the jury to get picked, they went through people one by one and Just when it was about my turn for them to ask me questions The judge came out and said that the defendent had taken a ple, so that was that, but I did get a check later that month for some money just for that day.

Nadia said...

Oh no.... what a long few days. It must have been tough to figure out whose story is a real one. I am glad that was not me ;-) I don't think I could sit for so long at one time... do they have treats for you there? snaks? anything?