What mountain?

On Columbus Day we headed out for a little adventure. Not ever having been up to Wachusett Mountain we were curious to check it out. It seems a little strange to drive on the freeway and see signs for the mountain and not be able to see it in sight anywhere. I guess coming from Utah the word "mountain" gives me a whole different vision. With an elevation of 2,006 ft. it is a little mountain in my eyes but I guess out here that is a mountain. At least we didn't have much of a windy drive to get to the top.

In spite of the cooler temperatures and the wind we had a great time exploring and checking out the beautiful fall colors.

The kids had fun sitting on the ski lift but then got worried that it would start up and carrying them down the mountain.

Sometimes they actually like each other! This was one of those days.

Mirror image.
I would have loved to have gotten shots of all the kids like this but I know somebody would have ended up in the water.

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