Is it possible?

I think I'm still in denial but I guess it was bound to happen sooner than later. I now have a twelve year old. Yikes! Earlier this month the long awaited for birthday arrived and now Michaela is official! I'm not sure which she was more excited for. Being able to sit in the front seat of the car or joining the Young Women Program. Ok so I'm pretty sure Young Women wins on that one but she has really enjoyed sitting in the front seat. It is a rather grown up thing to be doing.

She had a good weekend with a birthday party the day before her birthday and then our family party on her birthday. I still can't believe I have a twelve year old. Am I old enough for this? Where has all the time gone?

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Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday! Wow I can't believe she's already 12! What an exciting time. Now she'll be counting down till she's 14 and can go to STAKE DANCES!