I lost track of how many times the kids changed their minds about costumes. I should have kept a list and maybe we could have used it next year for ideas. In the end everybody was happy with their costumes and they all looked great.

Michaela went as Taylor Swift. Pretty easy costume but it took over 30 minutes for me to curl her hair!

Michaela got to attend a Halloween party with the youth in the ward and the other kids got to go to the primary Halloween party. Even before Halloween night we had tons of candy at our house but the kids wouldn't even think about skipping out on the trick-or-treating. Our neighborhood seemed rather quiet this year and we only got 21 trick-or-treaters (4 of which were my own chidren) so Jeremiah took the kids to our friends neighborhood while Michaela, Emersynne, and I help down the fort here at home.

The serious spock

This is the picture I like best of all! Love that smile!

Emersynne wasn't so sure about the whole event. I'm sure next year she will really get into it!

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