Threes I'm old!

Abigail is a little chatter box and is pretty easy to be understood. She does have some phrases that catch us by surprise and make us laugh. She loves birthdays and is constantly talking about how her birthday is coming. (her birthday is in June) We assure her that of course it is coming but it is going to take awhile to get here.

The other day I heard Trevor and Abigail arguing and had a hard time not laughing as I realized what was being said. Trevor was yelling, "NO YOU'RE NOT!" and Abigail yelling just as loud as Trevor was saying, "YES I'M ARE! They went back and forth like that several times before I realized they were not going to resolve it on their own so I stepped in. Not fun to listen to the kids arguing but it was so funny to hear Abigail trying so hard to be a big kid!

I think my very favorite phrase is what you hear when Abigail is asked how old she is.


Adam and Liz Family said...

Oh! She is so cute!! Looking at your blog makes me miss your cute family and the Worcester Ward. Tamara is in the Young Women's now? So is Micheala? How fun!

Nadia said...

That is just way too cute... I wish you were a little closer then we could have a play date!!! She is a big girl!!!