Happy Thanksgiving!

The kids and I spent the day before cleaning, organizing, and cooking so we were more than ready for the big day.

The kids all had food assignments and had a lot of fun helping with the cooking. Michaela made the cranberry jello salad, Anthony helped Jeremiah with the turkey, (wish I had a video of Anthony freaking out over stuffing the turkey. He thought it was pretty gross) Trevor helped with the sweet potatoes and Natalie did the pumpkin pies this year complete with her turkey hand print.

Dessert seemed to be the main focus this year. We had pumpkin pies, apple pie, cherry pie, and cheesecake. I left lots of room for dessert so I could try some of each.

The kids were all good sports about eating around the coffee table. We even had a pilgrim visitor (Anthony) and an indian visitor. (Abigail)

Jessica, Caleb, Thomas, Lydia, and our neighbor Maura came to join us and we had a great time visiting and being wild.

I think Caleb is in there somewhere. The kids all thought he was a jungle gym. He had five kids climbing on him all at once. Abigail is in there too you just can't see her either. Thomas was a good sport to share his daddy with the other kids.


Jenn said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving!

Nadia said...

That turkey hand on hte pie is just really cool!!! What a wonderful Thanksgiving you have had! I wish we were closer then we would just crash your party ;-)