It's great to be eight!

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Can't believe my little girl is already eight years old. Natalie has pretty much partied all week with her birthday party last week and now the real day. She started off her birthday by going out to breakfast with daddy while the rest of us wrapped presents and finished up the cake.

Natalie was so excited to get her favorite crackers. She is the only one that likes them so I never buy them.

Trevor took this action shot of Natalie trying out her new basketball. The ball has been glued to her hand since she opened it! She is excited to get some extra practicing in now that she plays basketball at school.

Natalie is looking forward to her baptism next month and being a part of the Activity Days group. She will now join the older two kids in being up at the church Tuesday nights.

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Jenn said...

She's EIGHT? wow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATALIE! (i love those crackers!)