Weird Science #2

With Mommy and the older kids at Mutual, the opportunity was ripe for more science fun...

...with the microwave!

The first test subjects were some Tootsie-rolls. We tested the microwave for hot spots by spreading out the candy from the center of rotation towards the outside of the microwave.

The non-mobile Tootsie Roll was the first to succumb to the microwaves.

Trevor wasn't too impressed with the looks of our product.

We next compared the melting temperatures of two different candies: a lemon Tootsie Roll and a gummy something.

It didn't take long for the gummy candy to start bubbling.

This product was so beautiful that we saved it and gave it to Mommy when she got home.


Tamara said...

yes and I very much appreciated the art work left on the counter for me to see. So glad it was on a plate and not glued to the inside of the microwave!

Cami said...