Christmas morning

Christmas morning was a blast at our house. Natalie was worried that Santa wouldn't come because Grandma and Grandpa were sleeping in the living room which was where the tree was. Grandma and Grandpa assured her that they were really heavy sleepers and then Natalie felt much better. At first Abigail was a little disappointed because she was expecting to come downstairs and find Santa at our house. She quickly got over her disappointment when she saw all the goodies he left for her in her stocking and all the presents under the tree.

Ten stockings all lined up on the couch was quite a site.

Abigail immediately found the chocolate.

After the kids came downstairs and found their stockings we ate our traditional Christmas breakfast of sausage, biscuits, gravy, green chilies egg dish, and sliced oranges from our stockings. Now that our tummys were full we were ready to dig into the presents. It's always good to eat breakfast first since it takes quite awhile for us to open presents. As usual the kids were very excited to give out the presents they had bought for their siblings. Some of them had a hard time keeping it a secret.

Santa brought Emersynne fruit puffs. She loved them and spent the morning munching on those while we opened presents. She got this cute hat from Grandma and Grandpa.

Natalie and Lulu, her new pet cat that Santa brought. Lulu purrs, meows, rolls over, and raises her paw. She also thankfully has an off button!

Trevor and Abigail were very excited with their suitcases (juice cases as Abigail calls them) that Santa brought them. They still are pulling them all over the house with their treasures inside.

Michaela has already gotten lots of use with her digital camera Santa left for her.

And of course we've had lots of star wars talk at our house since Santa brought Anthony the lego star wars computer game. Anthony really looks forward to Friday afternoons and weekends when he gets his game time!

Santa must think I have lots of free time on my hands because I got a violin. I've always said that I would love to learn to play the violin but I never imagined I would get a violin in this stage of my life. It might just be sitting in it's case for awhile but someday I will learn!

Jeremiah is now set for his at home workouts. He has some big manly weights and doesn't have to use my whimpy ones anymore!

It must not have been too wild and crazy of a morning because Grandpa had a hard time staying awake. The kids all did a great job being patient as we watched each other open presents and saved the gifts from Santa for last.

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Cami said...

Fun Christmas! I need a violin too, now that my sister took her's back. Good luck!