Trevor's house

December 23rd was the last day of school before Christmas vacation. Trevor has a very brave kindergarten teacher who was making gingerbread houses with the kids and asked for volunteers to come into the classroom and help out. I don't usually get to help out in the classroom because it's a bit difficult taking Abigail and Emersynne along. Since Grandma and Grandpa were visiting I jumped at the chance to visit Trevor's class and help out. It was all very well organized and the kids had a great time. Trevor really got into the decorating and had a blast with the wide assortment of candies to choose from. Of course I forgot to take the camera with me but did manage to take some pictures of the house before it got eaten.

The graham cracker house structures were made ahead of time and glued around milk cartons to make them stronger. What a great idea! The kids thought it was cool that the houses were glued to the tray.

Believe it or not the ginger bread house actually sat on our piano for a few days before Trevor started picking at it. Once the first candy came off it was all down hill from there. Trevor said he had a feast on the house but he did generously share with his brother and sisters.

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Cami said...

Ours never actually get eaten. Looks great!