Arrrrr matey!

Today was the day Trevor had been waiting for. His first "friend" birthday party.

We decided on a pirate theme and had a great time decorating, making the cake, and planning games. The party was a big success even with our wet weather that forced us to have an indoor treasure hunt.

Here's the group of pirates in front of our Jolly Roger flag.

The kids had a great time trying to pin the eye patch on the pirate. Michaela spent a lot of time putting this pirate together and I had to laugh when one of the boys at the party said, "Hey, that looks like a leprechaun pirate!"

Jeremiah did a great job converting our buried treasure game into an indoor scavenger hunt. The kids had clues that lead them to different areas of the house and pieces to add to their treasure map. When the treasure map was full it would lead them to the treasure. At one point I had 8 little kids in my tiny downstairs bathroom looking for the clue. I never would have guessed they would all fit in there at the same time!

Trevor officially invited Abigail to his party and she was so excited to be included with the big kids! She really had a great time.

Yummy! Yummy!

It was a great morning but also a relief to have it done. We've spend the last few months shopping around for ideas and supplies. I have to say that the biggest hit of all were the pirate sticker books my sister saw when we were at the dollar store. I grabbed a stack to use for party favors and handed them out at the end of the party. Several of the boys sat down right where they were and started working in their books. Thanks Julia for noticing those!


Jenn said...

FUN!! Happy Birthday!

Julia said...

So glad everyone had a great time! I LOVE that he invited his sister! so sweet. Glad that the sticker books were such a great hit, how can you beat a dollar a book????