Utah trip

So I'm a little late in getting this post up but I still wanted to write about my trip to Utah last month. Better late than never right?

When my sister's baby died the end of January it was very hard being so far away from my family. I really wanted to be there but knew I couldn’t leave my own family. Jeremiah encouraged me to go out for a visit and rearranged his work schedule and took vacation days so he would be home when the kids got home from school during the week I was gone. I know it was a long hard week for Jeremiah and the kids but it was really great to spend time with Julia. Since Emersynne still flies for free she came along with me. We spend a lot of time with my sister and Bridgett and Aaron but also got to see Grandma and Grandpa Christensen, Grandma Vicki, Nannie and Papa, Grandma Wendel, and my parents.

Grandma Vicki coaxed Emersynne onto her lap with the big bucket of animal crackers. When nothing else works food will usually get Emersynne away from mommy.

Emersynne was a trooper during our trip. She didn't really like being around all the people and was extra clingy but as long as mommy was around she did great.

Our visit with Grandma Wendel

Towards the end of our trip Emersynne was starting to get used to being around Nannie and Papa and even sat briefly so I could take these pictures. I had to be quick though because she wasn't going to stay there long. I think she was afraid I would walk out of the room!

When we first arrived in Utah my mom was out of town but Emersynne quickly warmed up to her Grandpa when she saw Aaron and Bridgett playing with him. These next few pictures of my dad and Emersynne are definitely keepers!

Emersynne never really had a chance to warm up to Grandma Cindy because we left two days after my mom got home but she sure did like being with Aaron and Bridgett!

While my sister and I spend a lot of time doing the normal mommy things that come along with taking care of kids we were able to have some great talks, cries, and bonding time during nap time and when the kids were in bed for the night.

Emersynne was happiest when she was with her cousins Aaron and Bridgett.

We had a cleaning day and all three of the kids were great helpers.

We took flowers to Colette’s grave, picked out silk flowers to make an arrangement for her grave, and looked over Colette’s memorabilia. It has only been two months since Colette’s birth and death and I know my sister still has many hard times ahead of her but it has been amazing for me to see her strength as she has fought for the peace and comfort in dealing with this loss. What an amazing blessing it is to have the gospel in our lives and know that we can be families forever!


Aimilee said...

Love the pictures. Sounds like you had a great trip. I can't believe how big Emersynne is now!

Vicki said...
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