Guess who's 4!

Abigail has spent the last few months knowing that her birthday was the next one. Almost daily we heard that her new number was going to be four and that she wanted a bike with four wheels. The day before her birthday the kids wrapped her presents and set them out. Abigail was so excited but then told me I needed to go to the store because we forgot to get her bike. It was very fun to see her come downstairs in the morning and find her "new" bike.

The bike was another successful dumpster rescue. We cleaned it up, added some touch-up paint, training wheels, and handle bar grips. The finishing touches were the princess basket, bell, and tassels. She couldn't wait to get outside and try it out!

The best birthday present of all was the fact that Grandma Cindy was here for Abigail's birthday. Of course Abigail thought Grandma planned her visit to be here on this special day. The other kids are still in school but my mom and I made sure Abigail had a great day and of course the school kids were jealous of our adventurous.

We picked strawberries at Tougas Farm,

Visited the petting zoo,
(Emersynne was not so sure about the goats. She didn't want them to get too close to her!)

Ate a birthday strawberry donut from the farm kitchen,

And spent lots of time playing at the playground.

Abigail really didn't want to go home but after our picnic lunch the clouds rolled in and the sun disappeared. We made it home just as the first rain drops started to fall and with enough time to get the girls down for their naps. After such a busy morning Abigail needed a nap so she could stay up for her "Dora party!"

With a little help from mom and grandma, Abigail decided on taco salad for her birthday dinner. I think she just really wanted the chips. She enjoyed being in the spotlight and is very excited with her new presents, especially her new ballet clothes from Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Roy. The funniest part of the whole evening was when Abigail turned to me with chocolate all over her mouth and hands and said, "We forgot my friends!" I guess Abigail thought she was having a birthday party with friends. Then she asked if she could take cookies to her school class. The wonderful things she learns from her older siblings. She has more than a year before starting school and is already counting down the days when she can take treats in on her birthday. That's going to be a long wait!

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Nadia said...

It looks like you love strawberries ;-) how many pounds of berries did you pick? I think we ate about twice as much as we picked!