A fun visit

We were so busy during my mom's visit that I never had a chance to document our activities. While a lot of our time was spent shopping for the right shade of pink for all of us to wear to the wedding this summer we did manage to squeeze in some fun activities.

We took a walk on the Rail Trail

Shopped for pink ties and pink outfits while the kids were at school.

Michaela, Mom, and I enjoyed a girls night out (dinner and a "chick flick")

Made strawberry jam

More shopping for wedding clothes.
(I never thought it would be so difficult to find white shirts for my boys!)

Read books with Grandma

Went for walks

Introduced Grandma to the Wii

More shopping for pink dresses, black skirts, and pink tops

Decorated cupcakes during our "party" on Grandma's last night

Went to breakfast before we had to take Grandma to the airport

All the shopping trips paid off and we were successful with a new suit for Jeremiah and Anthony, new white shirts for all the boys, matching pink dresses for the little girls, black skirts for the older girls, new fancy shoes for me, and pink tops for myself and the older girls. We even made it back out to six different stores to return the items we thought would work but didn't. Of course we did all of this while four of the kids were at school so we were only dragging two along with us. That could be why we ended up with six returns but that's way easier than shopping with all six kids!

It was a great visit with my mom and we were all sad to have her leave. Just today Abigail said, "I miss my grandma." When we ask Emersynne where Grandma is she throws her hands up in the air, shrugs her shoulders, and looks around. It seems that Grandma just disappeared while Emersynne was having her nap one afternoon.

Thanks for coming mom and thanks for all your help. I never could have done all the shopping without you!


Jenn said...

what a fun visit with Grandma!

oh, who's getting married?

Tamara said...

Jeremiah's sister Samantha is getting married the end of July. We are excited that we get to be there!

angie said...

I guess your kids haven't gotten the memo that they are not supposed to grow up so quicklY? LOVE these pictures!