Clever Trevor

Trevor was sent upstairs to get ready for bed. It wasn't until he took his clothes off that he realized that his pajamas were not in his drawer. It was laundry day and the laundry had not been folded yet and was still piled downstairs. Rather than put his clothes back on to come find his pajamas Trevor came up with a easier solution. I don't think he was expecting daddy to have the camera handy.


Jenn said...

atleast he covers himself up! My kids don't care!

Julia said...

Totally smart kid! He must get that from his Auntie, and Like Jen said at least he covered himself up! Aaron would have crept down in his undies and then screamed when Bridgett looked at him! LoL

Nadia said...

HOw funny... my kids are way too little so yea... we just run around naked before and after bath time;-)