Family outing

Last Saturday (August 21st) Michaela and Anthony came home from their extended stay in California. They had a great time and I'm glad they were able to stay but I was very glad to have them home again. When Saturday rolled around we decided it was time for a family outing so we were off to the lake. Jeremiah decided to take his fishing poles and the kids took turns fishing, swimming in the lake, and playing in the sand. It was a very quiet morning and for the first two hours we had the beach to ourselves.

Emersynne loved the freedom, the sand, and the water. For some reason she didn't like her swim suit on her shoulder and kept pulling it down.
Anthony caught two fish and he was very excited about it until he was told he had to take it off the hook himself and throw it back in the lake. We now have a blackmail video of him trying to touch his fish!

Natalie spent a lot of time trying to catch a fish and came close a few times. The joke of the day was that she caught her hat on one of her casts.

When Abigail saw me getting ready to take this picture of Jeremiah and the kids fishing she quickly scooted her chair over so she would be included too.

Abigail and her first fish. She actually caught two fish and was excited but wanted nothing else to do with them. It was my kind of fishing adventure. No fish to bring home and deal with since we just put them all back.

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Cami said...

Looks like a GREAT time! I remember going fishing as a kid, but I've never taken my kids.