Post wedding adventures

With the wedding over we had to find excitement in other places. I think we did a pretty good job of finding things to do.

We had a tour of the newly remodeled Walnut Creek library,

Went to the Oakland Zoo

Visited the Jelly Belly factory

Played at a water park in Danville

Went letterboxing
The kids got to see where mommy and daddy went to elementary school, middle school, and high school.

Climbed rocks in Rock City
Emersynne found a perfect spot for her little bum!

Visited Roy, Dean, Harrison, Spencer, and Chandler

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed being outside and the kids had a blast being with their cousins.

Abigail really liked her Uncle Roy and managed to squeeze in between Auntie Dean and Uncle Roy on the couch so she could give her prince a kiss.

And then of course we had to have one last round of family photos before we left for home.

Look what happens when you don't actually have a photographer but use the timer on the camera.

Notice that it is my child on the front row with her legs up showing her underwear to the world. Silly girl. Thankfully we got some other possibilities because I'm not sure I want that hanging on my wall.

We tried to get some cute photos of all the grandkids but Emersynne was done!
After two weeks of nonstop excitement it was time to leave it all and go home. We also left two of our children in the care of Grandma and Grandpa for an extended stay and they have been having a blast. They got to stay several days with Uncle Roy, Auntie Dean, and the boys and have had all kinds of adventures. I don't think they are missing us at all but the kids here sure are missing them.

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Cami said...

Pictures are hard, glad you got some good ones!