First day of school

The day finally arrived. I had some children excited and some children anxious and almost scared. I really wish we could find out teachers BEFORE the first day of school. I think it would make a huge difference in the anxiety but then I guess it really wouldn't have mattered either way for Trevor since his teacher this year is new to the school. I went with the kids to school and helped them find their names on the class list and got them situated in their class lines.

Since Trevor's teacher was new Trevor was still really nervous and really didn't want me to leave but he put on a brave face and waved and walked into the school. Anthony was excited with his teacher and excited that some of his good friends are in his class this year. We were not excited to find out that the school bully that constantly picks on my sweet Anthony is in his class AGAIN and sits right next to him in class. We have already written a letter to the teacher expressing our concerns at the situation so hopefully it won't be an issue this year. Natalie found her friends and was excited to be back at school. Michaela was actually excited to back to school and being in 8th grade this year she did not have any anxiety of starting at a new school. Guess we will get to do that next year.

The kids all came home with good reports of their first day and hopefully the year will continue to be a good one for everyone.

The house was extremely quiet with only two home and I don't think Abigail really understands what it all means. Yesterday she picked up on the kids excitement of the first day of school but this morning as they were getting ready again her comment was, "you're going to school again!?!" It will be interesting to see how she adjusts to have the older kids gone all day.

Here is the crew on the first day of school. Michaela's bus left at 6:50 so I didn't get a picture of her but will try tomorrow. She is excited for a picture since she got her braces off the day before school started.

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Cami said...

It's always hard on the little ones. My Jane is going a little crazy without her brothers.