He did what?

Those were my exact words to Michaela when she called me Friday night and told me to "brace for impact". Not exactly what you want to hear from your daughter that you left babysitting.

Jeremiah and I left Friday night to go run a few errands and then I would drop him off at school and I would get the grocery shopping done. With only one car we've learned how to divide and conquer so we can still get everything done. School is on the other side of town but there is a nice grocery store just down the street so we often take advantage of our at home babysitter to get things done. Before we left the house we had gotten the little kids into bed and Michaela was working on homework and Anthony was reading. Knowing this would help prevent conflicts between the kids I was surprised when my phone rang just a few minutes after we had left the house.

Before I had gotten off the phone with Michaela we had turned around and were heading back home. Trevor had swallowed his CTR ring. I'm still trying to figure out what my six year old son was doing with his CTR ring in his mouth!

So now the process begins of waiting for the CTR ring reappear.


Jenn said...

How you wrote this is well... hahahaha! Hopefully the ring chooses the "right" path to follow and you'll see it soon! :)

Tamara said...

The ring did choose the "right" path and "all is well".

Mormon Share said...

LOL! I sell CTR rings on my website, and this really give me a kick! Thanks!