I knew it was coming but it is still strange to have to admit that I have a teenager in my house. Monday was Michaela's 13th birthday. The kids were off of school so Jeremiah took the day off as well. We celebrated all day long and started off by driving out to the Boston Temple to work on the temple grounds. We played in the dirt, pulled weeds, dug for worms, swept the walkways, and planted tulip bulbs.

Abigail was fascinated with the worms

I know it looks like Emersynne has been eating dirt but it's just a oreo cookie face!

Towards the end Trevor was getting tired of working so started taking photos instead

Of course we finished up the day with pizza for dinner and a birthday party. We crammed a lot into our day and it was fun to have everybody home all day long!

The kids all had fun shopping for Michaela's present and even more fun watching her open them!

Happy Birthday Michaela!


Adam and Liz Family said...

Ah Micheala is so old!! Tell her "hi" for me. It sounds like you are having fun!! Little Emersynne is so cute! Miss you guys.

Caleb and Jessica Sainsbury said...

Happy Birthday, Michaela! Thomas keeps asking me when he can go play with his cousins. And he means your family. :) (he says the grown-ups are my cousins and the boys are his cousins.) So we'll have to plan a get-together soon.

Julia said...

Happy Birthday Micheala hope it was a wonderful day!!!

Hayley Jones said...

cute cute cake! i can't believe micheala is so grown up!