Higgins Museum

Today we took advantage of the library passes and visited a cool museum just down the hill from us. Michaela is at girls camp this week and the kids were wanting to go do something fun. It was a great activity for a hot summer afternoon and I think the kids would have stayed longer but the museum closes early.

The kids enjoyed walking around the museum and even sat through a live presentation on weapons and armor. We spent the most time in the kids room which was their favorite spot. Lots of hands on stuff!

Emersynne couldn't get enough of this horse. Anytime it was free she would want to climb back on.

Trevor thought this was pretty cool although I don't think he would have wanted to be locked in there for long.

Each of the kids got to try on armor and see how heavy it was.

Emersynne's favorite part was wearing the helmets

It was a fun activity and the kids are asking when they can go again. With the library passes we almost get in free so we will definitely have to go again soon.

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